Golden Motors

4111111111111111 ...

Brushless Joystick Controller (for dual brushless motors drive) -- IM-50B

This unique joystick controller drives dual BRUSHLESS motors intelligently by programmed microchi ...

Wheelchair Joystick Controller -- IM-50A

All-in-One, programmable Controller
24Vdc/36Vdc, Maximum 50Amps
5 Speed Ranges
Reg ...

PI-400 -- HPC Controller Programming Kit

Model: PI-400 -- HPC Controller Programming Kit

Easy Installation for PC/laptop with Wind ...

CA-201 -- HPC Controller Wiring Harness

23-pin Water-Resistent Connector
Dynamic Montoring Connector



Model: PI-400/VEC
FOC Controller Programming Kit

Easy Installation for PC/laptop


Wireless cycle computer

Main Specifications:

Clock:12/24H format alternative
Current speed
Speed Com ...

Cruise Controller

Programmable via PC to setup motor control parameters
• Motor hall sensor failure redun ...

Programming USB Cable

Programming USB Cable for MagicPie-4/Smartpie-4


Programming Interface Device

To motor controller or usb/pc controller


BLDC Motor Controller

50A continuous
100A Max
Pc Programmable
Regen Braking


Brushless Motor Controller

( Rated: 24v-48v, 60vmax, 200-1000)
Cruise Speed Control Anti-Theft Alarm Failure Detection< ...

Water Bottle

Water Bottle LiMn Battery Packs—36V8AH, 24V10AH
With mounting bike, keys, and universa ...

Smart Conversion kit

Power: 36v 250W
Max speed: 30kph
Range: 35km
Battery: 36V8AH
Total weight: 23 ...

Self-cooling Fan

Self-cooling Fan
Removing 60% Heat
Built in Cooling Fan
Improved Heat Dissipatin ...

Internal controller

Pc Programmable,
Easy replaceable
Internal controller
24v/36v/48v versatile Volt ...

MAGIC PIE 3/Brushless and Gearless

From 250W to 1000W
Brushless and Gearless
Power 24v - 60v/250v - ...

Smart display magic pie 4/ BAC -601

Self voltage adaptation PAS level select multiplayer.


Disc Breakers

Optional Disc Breakers ( 140mm or 160mm)


Smart pie 4

Max phase current:50A,continuous
current:18A,open voltage:20v-60v,Rated power:200-400w.


Magic pie 4

Max phase current:80A,continuous
current:30A,open voltage:20v-60v,Rated power:500-1000w


First Accessory

Accessory descpriction


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